How to Run Your Own Coffee Shop

No one can blame a barista for not following proper procedure if it was never taught, especially when it comes to complicated equipment maintenance. Getting a good marketing plan early can be a game changer for new businesses. Asking someone with expertise to help you form a long term plan, make contacts, and execute strategies will pay off hugely in the long run. You may want to hire a marketer for a short time to get you started off and again down the line to scale your business up. Money is at the core of any business, so making sure everything is accounted for and accurate is essential. A good accountant/bookkeeper can alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with money and provide some recommendations based on experience.

How to Run Your Own Coffee Shop

How much does a coffee shop cost?

Most cafes need to raise the average “ticket price” of their customers to stay viable. You don’t need every customer to buy food, beans, or merchandise, but you need a number of them to. That’s why most coffee shops place their pastry/food case near the ordering station to make adding on food easy. Positioning other addon items like beans along the path to ordering is essential. As people walk in they are visually prompted by your additional offerings. Plenty of people with varied backgrounds or entrepreneurial spirits want to open a coffee shop even if they’ve never worked in one, and that’s fine!

Get some work experience

High-quality coffee equipment is essential for any cafe or coffee shop that wants to succeed. While some types of equipment may vary from shop to shop, there are a few pieces of equipment that every cafe will need. We put together a list of essential coffee shop equipment, so it’s easy to remember exactly what you need when starting your cafe. Before you even decide that you want to pursue opening a cafe, you should conduct thorough research. As a result of increased interest in coffee, it’s a great time to consider opening a coffee shop or cafe. If you’re interested in starting a coffee shop but don’t know where to begin, refer to this article because we will detail the most important steps you need to follow to set up your business.

Fixed Costs

If you choose to open a franchise you’ll be bound by many of the aspects of that franchise like the beans they use and the decor of the actual shop. If you buy another coffee shop you might have less construction coffee shop accounting to do to set up the space as a coffee shop. This has also created a window for entrepreneurs looking to start a business. While the big coffee chains have expanded, so have specialty, independently run shops.

How to Run Your Own Coffee Shop

When starting a business, the best advice for starting out is that you always want to fill a niche. Are you positioned in a bustling downtown area full of people coming and going to work? But if you’re near a college, for example, you WILL need lots of tables, couches, and chairs (and outlets for people to charge their laptops at!). Keeping your business plan flexible allows you to address the unique needs of whatever location you decide to go for. Your location and ideal customer can’t be ignored even in the early planning phase. We’re being honest here, just selling coffee is often not financially wise.

How to Run Your Own Coffee Shop

It’s also important you tailor your ads and promotional products in a way that attracts the right people. A good barista goes a long way, from the very first interaction with the customer to their coffee-making skills. Remember, the people you hire are the face of your café and they have the ability to make a positive difference to your customers’ day. Customer service is everything so hire staff who know the importance of building relationships with people and have strong communication skills. Customers love genuine interaction and it will help create a bond between the customer and the café.

Find Quality Suppliers

Step 6: Create a warm, inviting environment.

  • And this no longer just means serving drip coffee—most stores also offer specialty coffee drinks, teas and pastries, and some even serve alcohol.
  • Busy shops centrally located in cities may serve more than a thousand in just one day, while shops in rural areas may see only a few hundred a week.
  • A point-of-sale solution is a great addition, furthering the success of your business and keeping your business organized and running smoothly.
  • You will better understand the steps needed to start a coffee shop successfully.
  • After a grand opening, it’s normal to dip back down in customer count quite a bit.