This is always a problem when teaching software programs. Although Excel has not change significantly over the years this is a 2019 version that will need to be updated as the program is updated. This would be a good text for students with no Excel experience.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons

The grammar used is easy to understand and accurate. There are various typing errors that do not detract from the meaning of the lesson presented. Sentence structure is at an appropriate level Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons for a college freshman course. The graphics are displayed well with limited use of colors and extraneous material. Each graphic is clickable to display a larger, higher definition display.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Training Manual Classroom in a Book

Printing may be an issue due to the high use of graphics and shading of text. A clickable link to just the assignment directions for printing would be useful for students to complete more complex assignments without the need to ”click” back and forth. While requiring some updating, this text covers most of the bases for a beginning Excel class. Due to the abundant use of screen shots and video components, the text may need to be evaluated for accessibility in order to accommodate students who require educational accommodations. The text is free from any significant interface issues.

I was particularly appreciative of the level of specific detail that the author used in describing even the most basic of steps. One of the biggest complaints that I’ve heard from students who use technology textbooks is that authors sometimes assume that students know more than they actually do. This author is clearly not neglected the basics and no minor detail has been left out. The text is organized easily from chapter to chapter and from section to section in each chapter. The textbook uses scaffolding to build the student’s knowledge and skill set from each chapter to chapter and each section to section within each chapter. This textbook is well organized for a beginner working through the entire book.

Business Analytics with Excel: Elementary to Advanced

This will stay updated for a two years at least, depending on how different the newer version is. The content was accurate and error-free as best as I can tell. All examples and explanations are clear and easy to follow. To the best of knowledge, the book is accurate and unbiased.

The verbiage used in this text is on par with the technical data provided. The jargon and technical terminology used are vital to the learning the material. However, the instructions are clear and easy to understand. The text does a good job explaining spreadsheet software. On the other hand, it uses EXCEL 2010, an older version of EXCEL as we are currently using EXCEL 2016 (as of this writing). This is a typical problem with technical textbooks as technology evolves quickly.